Medi-Share Review: A Christian Health Insurance Alternative

If you are looking for a Christian insurance then “Medi-Share Health Insurance” is the one thing that you may want and know about it’s alternatives. Well it does not serve the same purpose as that of a health insurance as it is generally termed Christian healthcare sharing where in they cover all the major aspects of an insurance with the lowest premiums.

What is Medi-Share?



People generally will not be able to point out the difference between a normal healthcare insurance and Christian medi-share insurance.

“Medi-Share is not “Christian insurance.” But, it is a health care sharing policy initiated by Christian Care Ministry (CCM) from which a large number of believers show up and come along on their on willing to share the cost of each other’s medical bills. Members have tp follow up strictly the guidelines which are , governed by member-voted guidelines  to share with each other. Although there is no guarantee of sharing, Its been around 20 yearsfor medi-share members to share each other’s medical bills, trusting the Lord to provide in their time of need through the voluntary gifts of other believers., More than $1.5 billion in healthcare costs have been saved through sharing since 1993.”

How does Medi-Share work?

Every month all the members are required to give their contribution by paying  their “share” (a fixed amount depending on the selection of the plan of their own choice) into an account with their name written  on it to America’s Christian Credit Union. The funds that are kept in all thsese accounts are the accounts from which the member’s medical bills are paid each month. “Every plan importantly tallies medical claims each month, then divides by the number of members, officials say. After decreasing the amount  for overhead and administrative expenses, the remaining amount goes to pay claims.”

The Medi-Share policy is very flexible with multiple choices of program levels, benefits, and of course out-of-pocket expenditure. The person is given the choice of choosing his own doctors and hospital, but some discounts are available if a person selects networked professionals.

In accordance to their website:

“Members create their own Sharing Account with America’s Christian Credit Union. Every member household pay their Monthly Share into their Sharing Account on their own will. For each member with eligible medical bills to be shared, Christian Care Ministry identifies one or more other members with their abundant funds in their accounts. CCM electronically transport funds from each sharing member’s account into the account of the member with whom they are sharing. CCM then conducts the process of payment from the member’s account.”

Is Medi-Share the Solution to Your Health Insurance Needs?

Unless you’re having Medi-share Health insurance or you are having a good employer sponsored insurance , you will be mostly concerned about your health insurance. The main reason is the cost of premiums. The cost of premium can easily be over $1,000 per month for a family, or even for a couple. And that’s even if you have a high deductible.

My husband, Ross, and I feel as if we have found an answer to all problems, or at least one that works for us. It’s a Christian health sharing ministry, called Medi-Share. We’ve had it for our family since 2009, and it’s been working well for the past nine years.

What happens when you go the doctor?

They have a very large number of doctors who are willing to participate and the process goes very smoothly as the doctors know how to work effectively.’

People also prefer taking doctors from outside. There may arise a issue while selecting doctors from outside as outsider doctors might not be aware of hoe medishare insurance works. However we are trying to make everything comfortable and giving customers a chance to choose their own doctors.

There maybe a bit difference but after explaining them about medi-share ,they do a bit digging and then bill medi-share. Also there may be some discount available too by medi-share  and we’ll pay the difference out of pocket.

In order to keep monthly contribution as low as possible we follow this out of pocket system that medi-share offers to us .

There is not a major issue in family, because people usually go for routine regular checkups. 

Like mentioned above, the simplest option is to stay in-network with your doctors, but if you can’t, it just requires a little more effort on your part.

Medi-Share Cost

How much does Medi-Share cost anyway?

This is difficult question, and the solution is for every person, the cost of medi-share a lot less than traditional health insurance.

When we shift from traditional health insurance to Medi-Share, our monthly contributions reduce to only about 50% of our previous health insurance premiums. 

Now I said we have taken the highest annual deductible to minimize the monthly contribution. Our deductible is $10,000 per year, which means Medi-Share doesn’t begin paying our costs until we cross that threshold.

The monthly contribution is about $230. It depends upon the age of the oldest member of the household.

Is Medi-Share an alternative to Obamacare?

You might have known the fact that you have to pay tax penalty under ACA if you don’t have qualifying insurance.Christian medi-share qualify  exempts as for purpose of mandate.

ACA stands for Affordable Care Act which means medi-share members are exemted from the mandate to purchase insurance or face financial penalties.

What Are the Qualifications for Medi-Share?

The most important norm to be followed to join medi-share is that you must adhere to the fundamental lifestyle. For instance, they don’t cover up abortion cases or if you go to a doctor after a drunk driving accident then you won’t be covered under medi-share. Also the use of tobacco or illegal drugs shall be abstained.

Does Medi-Share Cover Pregnancy and Adoptions?

In this case your pregnancy related expenses will be covered as long as you meet your monthly contributions.

What About Customer Service?

We also typically find that they pray with us at the end of the conversation. As Christians, this  is comforting.They regularly look forward to all the querries and try to solve it in no time.

Why we opt for the high deductible plan?

Deductibles are kept high to keep monthly contributions low. And since we are a very healthy family so, far it was being working so well. Mostly people are doing the same with traditional health insurance. For out-of-pocket medical expense we work with minimal amount of budget. It is a kind of informal health emergency fund.

We can also call it self-insuring at minimum for the first $10000. It relief when one get to know that Medi-share will pay 100% of the medical cost for the above deductable.

Things to be aware of…

  •  You must agree to their Statement of Faith as not everyone is accepted into the program.
  • You must follow up norms to living a Biblical lifestyle in order to maintain your membership.If you don’t do so you can get you detained from the policy and will likely nullify any claims you may have as well.
  • “Medi-Share doesn’t share in all costs. All members vote on a yearly basis what costs to share. Routine physicals and health maintenance costs are currently not eligible for sharing.”
  • Membership is not cancelled because of pre-existing conditions;but, there are instructions in place concerning pre-ex-that limit sharing of pre-existing conditions.

What we like about it

In a traditional insurance cover you may not be aware of the fact where your money is going but with medi-care you will know where your premium amount is going every month.

For most of the members there are cost savings in medi-share as compared to other health insurance 

They also cover up the adoption expenses.

Medi-share insurance has been working since last 25 years.

It is an independent cover as all the members are given the right to to vote so because of this right to vote the members choose themselves and vote which rules they want to be mentioned and which not to be mentioned and accordingly the rule which has major votes is covered up.

Also one interesting point is that there is no limit on the amount of bills to be shared by the members .

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