My UPMC is a platform operated online to manage the health plan and other requirements of a patient. With the help of this online platform, patients can communicate with their doctors more effectively and efficiently. Patients can talk in a quick way, schedule appointments, view medical results, or view lab results with the help of MyUPMC login.

In this article, you will get to know about MyUPMC login guide that will help you with the natural and smooth login process. Look for various steps that are required to be done as a newcomer, how to sign up as a new user, how to log in as an already registered user and actions to tackle up various problems that may arise while login on UPMC login in this article.


 MyUPMC Login Steps

Before login yourself on MyUPMC login platform, first of all, you have to fill up an online form to register yourself on MyUPMC login online platform. You can either register yourself, or you can ask your doctor to help you with the registration process. The doctor will provide you an access code that you will require in this process. Here is what you will be expecting while registering:

  • First and foremost step is to go to the official website of MyUPMC login guide, which is
  • Then on the home screen, you will see a create account button. Press on that button. 
  • There you will see different terms and conditions written. Read all the terms and conditions carefully and only after that press on the okay button.
  • Insert you first name and last name on the instruction page. Filling up the middle name is optional, it is not compulsory.
  • Select your date of birth and sex.
  • Now enter your four last digits of SSN. 
  • On the homepage, enter your mobile number, if you want to give. It is optional.
  • Now enter your email.
  • Enter your access code, if you are having any.
  • Now click on the continue button to submit the form.

After following all these steps and mentioned above and after providing all the details that are required to submit the form.

 Your account will be successfully registered on the report online.

After completing the registration process, You can carry on with the login process with the help of registration details. These are the following steps that you must follow to login your account on MyUPMC login platform. 

  • The first step for login your account online is to click on
  • On the homescreen, you will see a pop-up box, below which you will see login option. 
  • Now press on that login button to access your account easily and quickly.
  • You will see th two fields asking for details. In the first field enter your username.
  • In the second field, you are required to enter your password. Make sure you provide a strong password. Your password should consist of symbols, alphabets and numbers,
  • Now click on login button to access your online account.

MyUPMC Login – Additional Troubleshooting

It is very common for people to forget their username or password. You don’t need to worry so much about it. You can retrieve your username or password again with the help of your email. Just follow these steps prescribed below in order to retrieve your forgotten username or password.


In case you’ve forgotten your username, follow these steps to retrieve it:

  • First of all, visit the same URL page that you visited earlier. 
  • This page will again ask you to access the login link.
  • Adjacent to the box where you have to fill your details, you will see the “forgotten username” option. Click on that button.
  • Now enter your first, middle, and the last name.
  • Enter up your date of birth.
  • Now in next step, you are required to enter your last four digits of SSN.
  • Click on the “Complete Form to Continue” link.

After following all these steps, you will be able to successfully login your account without any trouble. so no worry your username will be retrieved in no time.

For a forgotten password, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First of all, go the official website of My UPMC login guide which is
  • On the home screen, you will see a login box.
  • Click on the login button below the box.
  • Adjacent to the box where you have to fill your details, you will see the “forgotten password” option. Click on that button.
  • Now again you are required to provide some of the details that you gave earlier. Firstly give your username.
  • After that, you are required to provide your date of birth.
  • After giving the date of birth, enter the last four digits of your SSN number.
  • Now it is the last step of the whole process. Click “Complete Form to Continue.”.

After following all these steps you will be able to access your account online easily. Your password will be retrieved with the help of this. You can also go to your email address after following all these steps to reset your password. next enter a new password that you can retain for a more extended period.

Customer Care Support Service 

The customer care service of My UPMC is excellent. You will receive feedback to your problem quickly by the experts.

In case you run into other MyUPMC login problems, you can call 1-866-884-8579, option 2 to get in touch with their customer service team. You can also visit their Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on their services. Their email for general questions or technical troubleshooting is


So this was all about My UPMC login guide. My UPMC login guide will help you in talking to your doctor, asking all the queries, checking all your details online.follow all the steps as prescribed in this article to access all these services online. I hope this article was helpful!